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I wanted to see if I could shop my fashion style while living in Bali. I found it’s not all about Sarongs and Flip Flops here! On Any Given Day, I showcase the amazing designers and boutiques that Bali has to offer.

Originally from Sydney and now having lived in Bali for 3 years, I have some local knowledge to share. My two passions are fashion and health & fitness. Bali fashion and a commitment to a healthier lifestyle absorb me, so I have created ‘On Any Given Day’, with SJD to showcase how an Aussie girl can fulfil these passions in Bali.

Bali Fashion

Through my experience of being partner in an online fashion label with production in Bali, I have got to know the Bali fashion and shopping scene well. I seek to share the depth of great premium boutiques that exist in Bali. There is a fashion and beauty culture in Bali to rival any western city. It’s a cool culture, but in a Bali way. Very relaxed and spiritual. Boutiques such as Magali Pascal and Little Joe Woman lead the way and are two of my favourites. Hence the reason for this blog, I can’t wait to share more of the awesome fashion and shopping experiences here.

Bali Health

I have always loved being fit and healthy, perhaps partied too much!! The opportunity of having more freedom here in Bali, has given me more scope to focus on my fitness, health and nutrition. This lifestyle is supported by a super whole food supplement, Juice Plus. I love sharing the Juice Plus message to others who might be interested in taking their health and lifestyle to a new level.

With my family by my side we have a good life here in Bali. I hope you can enjoy the ‘On Any Given Day’ journey with me and feel the buzz.

SJD xxx

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