I have always maintained a healthy lifestyle …. but partied a bit too much! Over the last few years I started to realise that exercise alone was not enough. I was training and training with no results. Whilst I have really ramped up my training regime since living in Bali, I have also refined my diet. I love a drink, don’t get me wrong, but I have totally changed my approach to food and now reduce the alcohol.

My diet is all based around wholefoods.

Exercise for a Healthy Life

I love exercise! I generally start my mornings at 5am. Lately I have been obsessed with HIIT style training with weights. I follow the BodyRockTV Programs with Lisa Marie. Check out her facebook page, the workouts are awesome and getting one of these done first up in the morning really sets you up for the day.

In addition to these workouts, I do a beach style boot camp twice a week and a small personalised training session with Fin from Evolution Fintess Bali once a week. The session with Fin is always the toughest of the week. She really concentrates on form and function and I love it.

To round the week out, I do one pilates class. I find this is a good balancer and really enjoy the core focus.

Nutrition for a Healthy Life

I live a healthy life, but I am not trained or an expert in Nutrition. This is my personal experience only. Over the last 12 months I worked on eliminating all processed food, sugars, dairy and gluten. Through this process and adding in a lot more wholefoods consisting of fresh fruit and vegetables I have noticed a massive change in my body and performance with exercise. I have also introduced a wholefood supplement into my lifestyle called Juice Plus. My diet is also very protein based with lots of chicken, fish and eggs. I don’t eat a lot of red meat in Bali, but I do every now and then. I love a good steak!

Juice Plus for a Healthy Life

Over the last 12 months I have also added wholefood nutrition product Juice Plus into my daily routine. Juice Plus is the next best thing to Fruit & Vegetables. It’s very rare that anyone would eat the required daily intake of Fruit & Veg. Juice Plus provides a convenient way to supplement your diet with a hit of 30 different fruit and veges each day, via capsule form. The results and long term benefits of introducing Juice Plus to your diet are amazing: everything from better skin and hair, reduction in cold and flus, and there is also clinical research into  the positive benefits of Juice Plus with many illnesses and disease.

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