30 Day Smoothie Pack

Our 30 day smoothie pack is perfect to kick start your health. If you’re not up for a full shred commitment, work one of our smoothies into your diet each day and pump the goodness in. I’m telling you, you will become obsessed!

30 Day Smoothie Pack


Full of goodness

Shakes come in Vanilla or Chocolate flavours and can be blended with so many yummy ingredients to make smoothie bowls, quick smoothie snacks or satisfy a sweet fix. Plant based, dairy free, non GMO, loaded with vegan protein and superfoods like yucca and spirulina – these shakes are wholefood heaven! Smoothie recipes included with purchase, such as these: Smoothie Recipes.

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30 Shakes – $136.40 AUD (plus delivery)

Please message for pricing in all other countries.


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