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Keeping my finger on the Bali pulse with Bali Bloggers Best of the Best. Including: The Seminyak Snob, Canggu Guide, Ubudhood, Bali Beauty Blogger, The Bali Blogspot, This Within, Bali Cafes, Little Miss Bali, Shayna Pitch and The Gili Guide.

Bali is booming and it’s super hard to keep up to speed with everything new. I’ve been here for three and a half years and haven’t scratched the surface on the natural beauty of Bali, let alone the new western influence on restaurants, beach clubs, fashion and yes, good coffee! There is literally so much to see and do. If you are planning a holiday to Bali it’s worth doing some research before coming, so you don’t miss out on anything new.

I draw daily inspiration through a number of Bali Bloggers who have found their own niches in different parts of the island. Whether it be an area like Seminyak or the best cafes in Bali, this list of Bloggers will help you stay in touch and find the coolest and most beautiful parts of Bali you won’t want to miss.

The Seminyak Snob

If you don’t find her at Ku De Ta, she’ll be at Mrs Sippy! Sharon aka “The Seminyak Snob” has built a cult following through her daily promotion of everything Seminyak. With gorgeous images and a very entertaining Instagram Stories roll, the Snob provides a really great cross section of accommodation, hospitality and culture in Seminyak. She has also just started a side project called “Storys From A Sightseer” which tracks her global adventures. Worth a follow, very entertaining!

Best of the Best Bali Bloggers featuring The Seminyak Snob.

Canggu Guide

The extremely well known “Guguide” has been relaunched as the “Canggu Guide” following a hacking, which saw the Instagram account deleted last week. Devastating for Lani, having built a massive following through her knowledge, adventures and beautiful images of Canggu. Canggu is simply exploding with everything hipster and cool at the moment and Lani is right in the thick of it. Again, another one who is entertaining on the Instagram Stories, Lani’s page showcases life in Canggu from day to day.

Best of the Best Bali Bloggers featuring The Canggu Cuide


I haven’t spent nearly enough time in Ubud to know it well. Ubud intrigues me on a daily basis by the inspiration that comes from “Ubudhood”. Sara’s love of Ubud and the surrounding areas is profiled through dreamy images of Bali’s landscape and natural beauty. With Ubud being home to natural healing and wellness, there is so much to experience through food and lifestyle that always makes for a picture perfect image. If you are interested in Ubud, the Ubudhood page is stunning and full of local resources.

Best of the Best Bali Bloggers featuring Ubudhood

Bali Beauty Blogger

A treatment a day right? Why not, it’s Bali. The island is flush with spas, salons and treatment opportunities and Nicole from “Bali Beauty Blogger” is the girl in the know. Everything from vegan and non-toxic mani-pedi’s, to brow work, there is an endless list of beauty treatments you can try in Bali and cheap enough to do it all! The Bali Beauty Blogger has a great showcase on the Bali beauty scene.

Best of the Best Bali Bloggers featuring The Bali Beauty Blogger

The Bali Blog Spot

With a focus on Bali’s hidden treasures, “The Bali Blog Spot” is a picture perfect profile on Bali’s beauty. Courtney has a beautiful cross section of dreamy sunsets, beaches and unique features that make Bali so special. Not specific to one location on the Island, The account can take you from the Gili Islands to Lembongan and everything in between. Paradise in pictures is The Bali Blog Spot.

Best of the Best Bali Bloggers featuring The Bali Blog Spot

This Within

Digital storytelling is, “This Within”. Tiff captures coffees, culture and creatives that are thriving in Bali. Colourful plates and smoothie bowls are never too far away as Tiff shows off the Bali work life – or is it café life? With a mix of beaches and Bali beauty thrown in, this page oozes tropical bliss.  

Best of the Best Bali Bloggers featuring This Within

Bali Cafes

With their fork on the pulse since 2008, “Bali Cafes” is a colourful and mouth watering visual on the Bali café scene. The change on this scene is no doubt significant since 2008. Veronika has a flat lay heaven of breakfasts, lunches and dinner on her page and every time I see a post, I’m hungry! Covering the Island’s best and newest cafes if you’re on the hunt for a good meal, look no further than Bali Cafes.

Best of the Best Bali Bloggers featuring Bali Cafe

Little Miss Bali

For holiday tips and insights, “Little Miss Bali” has you covered. Melissa shares her experiences and love of everything that Bali has to offer. From her daily life in Bali to sharing secrets for holiday makers Little Miss Bali is a great resource across the island. Family focused with a love of Palms and Frangipanis this blissful Bali page is happy and tropical.

Best of the Best Bali Bloggers featuring Little Miss Bali

 Shayna Pitch

The lady behind the lens! “Shayna Pitch” is a travelling photographer currently based in Bali. Her page is a creative and pictorial portfolio of life in Bali and global travels. With a human focus her images are engaging and emotional. Capturing the daily life of her locations is a clear focus with the subjects in natural state. An inspiration and beautiful way to view Bali, through the lenses.

Best of the Best Bali Bloggers featuring Shayna Pitch

 The Gili Guide

Just a short boat ride from Bali, lies the magical islands called the Gili’s. “The Gili Guide” shows off this tropical paradise, full of crystal blue water, snorkelling, waterfalls, beach swings and coconuts. The Gili’s is the paradise away from paradise, and this page is the perfect resource for holiday inspiration and dreaming! Looking at the Gili Guide’s page, you will soon realise this destination is a photographic dream and something you won’t want to miss.

Best of the Best Bali Bloggers featuring The Gili Guide

The Bukit Guide Bali

‘The Bukit” (which I had to google) refers to the Bukit Peninsula at the southern end of the island of Bali. The Bukit Guide Bali is a super profile of everything Bukit, which includes the famous cliffs of Uluwatu, beautiful beaches including Dream Beach, Padang Padang, Green Bowl Beach and so much more. With this area as the subject, it’s easy to see how Beccy manages daily inspiration of deliciously cool images. Everything from the new Nalu Bowls to ‘Bima’ the Bingin Beach dog gets covered. I really need to spend more time exploring the Bukit!

Bali Bloggers best of the best


Photo credits: Seminyak Snob, @rember.nature, @julia.breuing, @suncherries, This Within, Little Miss Bali, @randi_ang, Bali Beauty Blogger, @thebrunchcouple.

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