Summer Feels

Summer Feels Auguste The Label

Summer Feels Auguste The Label

Blooming Leopard Boots
Summer Feels Auguste The Label

Summer Feels Auguste The Label

Summer Feels Auguste The Label


Summer Feels

This outfit post got me thinking about Summer. For me, Summer Feels like friendships and freedom.

Friendships and Freedom

My strongest friendships to this day, were born on a beach on the Gold Coast. Five school friends in their late teens, growing up together. As a tradition we would kick off Summer on September 15th, not able to wait until December 1st. That’s when we’d hit the beach. Long days of sunbaking, swimming in the waves and gossip filled our days. It was as though we had no worries in the world. Our biggest problems were outfits for Saturday night and what we’d be drinking. We were free and having the time of our lives.

A Gypsy Life

Like gypsies moving from one friend’s place to the next you would always have a bag with bikinis, cut off denim shorts and a summer dress. Options for any occasion, day or night. Prepared for anything. The smell of the beach would follow you everywhere. Salt, sand and the sun tanning lotion. Salt in your hair giving that sun kissed look that you pay for now!

The friendships and freedom that Summer symbolize follow you through life. As you hit Summer time, it’s like a release in the air. Everything becomes lighter and the good times roll. Summer Feels. #shelivesfree

Auguste Dress

The Auguste Gypsy Stars, All About Her dress in this post symbolizes the freedom and free spirit I feel for Summer. Perfect for hot Summer days after the beach and sipping on a cold beer. Boots on, belt on!

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Jalan Raya , Seminyak ( Oberoi Street ) Opposite the Champagne Bar

Byron Store:

Shop 7/15 Fletcher Street, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Online: Auguste The Label


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