Just b. Awesome

Just b. Awesome 

Discovering Pilates and an awesome health and wellness powerhouse. Just b. Awesome.

I’ve always believed a good workout and body transformation has to come through sweat and pounding the pavement. Well things have definitely changed for me over the last few years. In addition to a diet overhaul, I have introduced a number of different styles of workouts to my routine. One great inclusion has been Pilates.

Just b. Awesome. Health and wellness powerhouse

I was lucky enough to join a triathlon team 12 months ago and meet the inspirational Rachel Greene. With a background in dance and classical Pilates, Rachel has helped me learn and love Pilates. Integrating Pilates into my weekly routine has assisted me with core and pelvic floor strength, which I unknowingly allowed to deteriorate following the birth of two children. So many exercises I was doing were working against the repair of this area. Pilates has been a godsend for this.

Just b. Awesome. Health and wellness powerhouse

Just b.

Rachel is one half of the dynamic duo that is Just b. The other half is Amy Buck. With an infectious personality and confessed adventure junkie Amy compliments Rachel’s classical edge, with her background in everything from STOTT Pilates to Zumba and Antigravity Yoga. These girls are high energy and loads of fun!!

Just b. Pilates health and wellness powerhouse
Just b duo, Rachel Greene and Amy Buck.

This health and wellness powerhouse has combined its love of Pilates, the outdoors and design into a vision called Just b. Everything from You Tube workouts to the Just b. online shop and Bali retreats, the girls are providing a diverse and rich experience for those keen to get active and stay active.

Just b. Interview

Here’s a little insight into the girls and their vision for Just b.

What is the main message you are trying to communicate through Just b.?

We really want to inspire women to be active and integrate fitness into their daily lives. We aim to do this through short and effective workouts that can be done anywhere. 

Who are you looking to inspire?

Our “Home Team” is mainly busy women, either through home life or travel that desire consistency in their approach to health and fitness. 

I love the You Tube Videos!! Has it been an easy transition from Pilates studio to get behind the camera? You guys are now Vloggers!

No!!! Even with a brief encounter on a reality TV show, House Hunters International, it was still a difficult transistion. There was definitely a lot of laughter, bloopers and takes on the first few recordings. Now we’ve done a few videos it has become easier as we are essentially talking about our profession and our passion, which we are confident in. It’s definitely getting easier.

What sets your videos apart?

The videos are fun, effective and provide variety. Our knowledge of the anatomy and background in Pilates contributes to the development of intelligent and creative workouts. 

You Tube Channel: Just b. Active.

Here’s one of the latest You Tube workouts from the girls. It’s a great little back release workout which is perfect for those of us that sit at a desk most of the time. Be sure to subscribe to their You Tube Channel and view more workouts here: Just B Active.

You’re both based in Bali, how is this an ideal location for your business?

Pilates originally brought us to Bali and it just happens to provide a beautiful backdrop for the lifestyle we are trying to promote. Our business is global, so whilst we’re currently in Bali we work anywhere!

The Just b. Activewear sports tops are possibly the most comfortable and sexiest sports tops I’ve worn. Where does your design influence come from?

We like our activewear to be multifunctional and comfortable, so it is easy to integrate them into your life and wardrobe. Anything from workouts, to travel and social engagements.

What’s the dream for Just b?

To Just b. Just be happy, healthy and helping others achieve their dreams.

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Just b. Awesome. Health and wellness powerhouse

Just b. Awesome. Health and wellness powerhouse

Just b. Awesome. Health and wellness powerhouse

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JUST B: Matrix Multifunctional Bra and Drop Back Long Sleeve Top

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