Miss Fit Chick: Lisa Clayton

Miss Fit Chick: Lisa Clayton

Social Media has allowed me to connect with so many inspirational people – Singapore based Aussie, Lisa Clayton is one that inspires me on a daily basis. With so many similar passions to mine, I was thrilled when Lisa accepted the invitation to be a guest on the ‘On Any Given Day Blog’.

To say Lisa’s life is busy and energetic would be a massive understatement! As mother of three boys, founder of UFIT Bootcamps, Shefit Singapore and Brand Ambassador for Vie Active and Zovafit, Lisa packs everyday to the brim. Her Instagram account @lisaclayton77 is testament to that.

Lisa is about to hit Bali’s shores with #CHICKFITREAT – Health, Fitness and Fun retreat from 6-9th March. On the eve of her retreat I spend 10 minutes with Lisa to find out if she prefers coffee or alcohol….. among other things!

Lisa Clayton Miss Fit Chick

Lisa Clayton Miss Fit Chick

Lisa Clayton Miss Fit Chick

10, Plus One with Lisa:

1. What time do you wake up and what’s your morning routine?

I used to rise most weekdays at 5.30am for coaching sessions and my workout, but now it’s 7am as I need to be getting the kids ready for school. This year is the year of no alarm clocks! Currently I’m having a shot of NZ Fulvic which is a tonic and is full of minerals. Its great for supporting the immune system and providing energy. Follow it up with a shot of espresso to equip me with the usual craziness of getting 3 kids out the door. Ill drive them to school at 8.15am and hit a class at 8.30 or 9am, or a lunch time session. Its got to be done before 1pm, or for me it wont happen.

2. To keep your body the way it is, how much is exercise and how much is diet?

Its very much both but the old saying, you can’t out train a bad diet. I’ve got used to loving healthy and wholesome food. Food is fuel for performance and exercise is a celebration of what you can do with your body. I do like everything in moderation so its not a necessity that I overdo it with either. Ive been doing it long enough where I am trained to know how my body reacts. If you’re fixed on a transformation you have to start from the beginning and that’s what you’re putting into your mouth. Nutrition is the single most important thing if you’re serious about making any kind of changes. I exercise because I love it and this year I’m devoted to implementing a few more training styles to keep my workouts fresh and get better and lifting heavier at CrossFit.

3. How many times a week do you workout?

Usually 4 -5 times a week

4. Favourite workout/ ‘pump up’ song?

Gosh so many!! My fave recently was by Calvin Harris, This is what you came for. Such a feel good song to get the heart rate up, on and off the dance floor!

5. What was your motivation behind starting the UFIT Bootcamps in Singapore?

The most asked question I get. The only motivation was that I wanted to make Singapore feel like home and I wanted people to get as much enjoyment out of exercising outdoors as I did. I wanted people to know and feel that there was an all inclusive place for women and men to come and try new things and pave the way for a healthy lifestyle.

6. Choose: Coffee or Alcohol?

Oh, please. BOTH. Coffee daily, Alcohol weekly.

7. Favourite Fashion Label?

That’s a hard one. It depends what for. I do have a long affiliation with Bec & Bridge as my friend started it and they get better and better.

8. Choose: Jeans or Dress…. or Tights!!!?

Never Jeans!!! Not my fave at all. Summery dresses but leggings are the staple for me every day. I own more leggings than dresses.

9. What are you most looking forward to this time in Bali?

All of it! Its my ultimate holiday. Girlfriends, laughing, fitness galore, beautiful food, sundowners, no responsibilities. (other than to ensure you all have a good time!)

10. Give us a brief overview on the CHICKFITREAT. What can the girls expect over the three days?

Time away from routine and being taken care of. Sunrise and sunset workouts, surfing lessons, yoga, relaxation, massages, great food, even better company! Doing all the things you don’t get to do daily, in abundance whilst being in a tropical oasis. Put your planner away, let us do it for you.

Finally:  On Any Given Day I …….

……. will have my coffee strong and never apologise for my enthusiasm.

Chickfitreat Bali

Lisa Clayton Miss Fit Chick

Chickfitreat Bali

Lisa Clayton Miss Fit Chick

Chickfitreat Bali

Chickfitreat Bali

There are still spots available for the upcoming CHICKFITREAT in March. Spots are limited so if you’re interested in joining Lisa on the retreat and for a fun time in Bali, secure your place here.

WHERE: Situated in the heart of Canggu, Bali

WHEN: 6th -9th March 2017

Link here for more details and pricing