A New Life. A Bali Life

I never imagined living an expat life, until two years ago I didn’t even know what it was. After relocating from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, I have A New life. A Bali Life.

I am a 41 year old mother of two, who was posted to Bali with my husband’s work in 2014. We are living the expat life and loving it. Coming from the corporate rat race in Sydney, working 9 – 5 and longer, the experience so far for me has been life changing and something that I am extremely grateful for. The people we have met and the memories we have made, have added such an element to our lives. It will change the course of how we live as a family forever and our approach to life.

Bali Life

The move to Bali, happened very quickly for us. We packed up our two children, house and moved within a month of being notified. People talk about being out of their comfort zone, well moving countries is the biggest shift I have ever experienced. I moved from a comfortable bubble to a life of travel, meeting new people and so many new experiences for both myself and my family.

Exploring Bali

The majority of my time in Bali so far has been caring for my two children. They have adapted to life at an international school and different culture with flying colours. I have spent the majority of my free time working on an online fashion label I established in Sydney. Whilst I am no longer involved in this business, it provided me with the opportunity to really get to know Bali. Dealing with suppliers, fashion design, production, photo shoots and driving around and getting lost on so many occasions (!!!!). This has given me a great appreciation of how Bali ticks. It’s a melting pot of colour and culture, old and new, which all makes for a pretty cool lifestyle.

Bali Fashion

With a lot of Australian and International fashion production based in Bali, it has become a hub for design and inspiration. Through my love of shopping and fashion, my goal through this Blog is to share the depth of designers and great style that is based on the island. With a fashion focus, On Any Given Day, aims to showcase the latest designs and trends from Bali, but in particular, fashions that align with my style and passions. Shop in Bali – or shop online through my Blog!


I have always been committed to a healthy lifestyle, but perhaps with too much partying in between! Since being in Bali, I have made a conscious effort to really elevate my health and fitness. I now maintain a much healthier diet which is supported by a whole food supplement called Juice Plus. This has become a staple in our daily routine, including my children who are thriving on the Juice Plus product.

I hope my Bali life and journey provides you with some fashion and health inspiration. ‘On Any Given Day’ you might too, find yourself driving around with a smile on your face, feeling that eternal holiday buzz.

SJD xxxx

Bali Life

Bali Life Bali International School

Family holiday to the Gili Islands

Bali Life Family

Bali Life Relaxation

A Bali Life family and palm trees

A Bali Life. Surfing

Bali Life Family













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