The Coconut Life

Creating a Bali lifestyle for life. Health. Wealth. Lifestyle
  • How would you like to improve your health and your family’s health?
  • Need more purpose and satisfaction in your life?
  • Would you like some extra money to sustain more freedom in your life?

My Story

I have been living in Bali with my family for three years. I love the freedom feeling you have living in Bali. It’s not a rat race, it’s a slower pace. Feels like a holiday all the time. I never want to let this feeling go – not matter where I live in the world.


We were posted in Bali for my husband’s work with our two beautiful children. Whilst I loved the freedom of not working and the daily indulgence of beach, saltwater and coconuts – I needed more in my life. With the kids at school and my husband working, I needed my own purpose and satisfaction. I come from a busy coporate background and needed balance in between that and the paradise life. The thought of returning to Australia and the corporate world of 9am-5pm one day frightens the hell out of me.


I’ve found the way to financially sustain our lifestyle and also set ourselves up for a healthy and fun future. I now plan my own days, where I will work, what hours I work and answer only to me. I love dropping my kids at school and havng a morning work session at my favourite cafe. My work is planned in between family, travels and new adventures. I run the show. I have found the perfect balance through a global health and wellness business that allows me to work online from anywhere. I love the products and business.

Join Me

Would love to tell you more about it and and how I’ve managed to achieve so many goals through this great opportunity.

Creating a Bali lifestyle for life. Health. Wealth. Lifestyle

Here’s a little interview on why this opportunity works for me

  • Create the perfect lifestyle for you and your family
  • Live a healither and happier life
  • Work from home, on the beach or anywhere!
  • Have more time to do what you want and when Travel
  • Live
on any given day